The Mamas

Emma Lynas

Mum to Skye, 16months and Nutritionist, ex Personal Trainer, founder of Healthy Mama Collective and Hellakit womens cycling clothing.

After being a pretty unfit and unhealthy child and teenager I decided in my early 20’s that I wanted to turn my health around. As my love for running and healthy eating grew, so did my inkling that I might just want to make a career out of it. This lead me on a journey to become a Personal Trainer and after a few months I was so in love with the industry that I decided to attend university and complete a BHSc in Nutritional Medicine to become a Nutritionist. I worked as a clinical Nutritionist and Personal Trainer for over 10 years before becoming pregnant with Skye in 2016.

By week 5 of my pregnancy I had debilitating nausea 24hrs a day and it lasted every single day until week 36 when I had Skye prematurely via C Section. After a 2 week stay in the Special Care Unit we returned home together and I struggled to bond with my constantly screaming baby (thanks infant reflux!) as my body and mind tried to recover from 8 months of nausea, fatigue and eating less than 1000 calories a day. I developed Insomnia and by 8 months post partum I was diagnosed with Post Natal Depression that was so severe I had to be hospitalised in a Mother Baby Unit.
After my discharge from the MBU I pulled out all the stops in an effort to recover, including acupuncture, reiki, meditation, exercise and of course good nutrition. I wholeheartedly believe these were the pillars of my return to wellness.

In my recovery from PND I have become incredibly passionate about helping mums use a holistic approach to wellness that is also realistic and achievable, so that we can not just “survive” motherhood, but truly thrive, feeling content, balanced, strong.
I aim to create a community of Mamas who share all the love and all the mum hacks for living a life of contentment. A life where they feel that their mind, body and spirit are nourished.
So I brought together these beautiful friends of mine to serve the Healthy Mama Community. They also happen to be kick-ass health practitioners. Between us we have over 40 years of experience in the health and wellness industry and we know a tonne of stuff that might just make your life easier, healthier, happier, more fulfilling.

So come share your journey with us.



Kirsti Viitala

Mother of two glorious boys aged 3 and 18 months and founder of Kirsti Pilates To You

Being a lover of dance and movement my whole life, I was hooked after my very first Pilates session. I was participating in Pilates twice weekly for years. After a restructure in my corporate job I reevaluated my working lifestyle and decided to follow my passion into a 600 hour classical teacher training Pilates course.

I became an APEA (Authentic Pilates Education Australia) certified Pilates teacher, and have over 7 years experience, working in both large and small Pilates and fitness studios. I also have 7 years of Corporate Human Resources experience.

I practiced Pilates continuously before, during and after two pregnancies. I really believe that Pilates helped me to prepare for labour and then also with the recovery. Labour (and actually all of motherhood), is one long endurance marathon so your body needs to be strong yet mobile to safely pace yourself and finish the race without injury!

Since having children, I struggled to find the time to get out for scheduled exercise classes. Trying to find the right time between naps or during naps or organising a babysitter or, if you could take the kids with you, then just hoping that they’d behave at least somewhat so I could get a workout in. It was stressful! So now I do 90% of my exercise and Pilates at home, when it suits me and my family.

I strongly believe Pilates is beneficial for every Mum. We can all benefit from connecting the mind to the body through safe and purposeful exercise. Learning how to move correctly from your centre will allow you to improve your posture, reduce aches and pains and become stronger in order to meet the demands of rapidly growing babies. I want to help Mums to see how simple a pilates practice can be, how you can fit it in to a hectic schedule and how valuable it is to mind and body.



Loretta Carraro

Mum to my little sparkle who is 2.5 years old. Founder of Nourished Energy.

I believe we are all here on this beautiful Earth together to do more than just exist – but to be magnificent, to live our dreams and to be our best self! Being our best is about understanding our self-worth and living intentionally. It gives us the capacity to transform our lives and to be there for the people we love. Being your best is not a luxury, it is a necessity when you’re a mama.

On the surface, I looked like I was doing a superb job at juggling the demands of being a corporate professional, partner, mother, daughter, sister and friend. But what was missing from this equation was my own self-care and nourishment.

It was my own journey that was the genesis for Nourished Energy – a soul nourishing hub to empower and inspire women to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

I combine Reiki, Crystal Healing and Personal Coaching in a safe and nourishing environment, to help women make the changes they desire in their lives. I don’t believe we need healing because we are broken, but to reveal the shining star we truly are.

Becoming a mother brings incredible joy and unconditional love, but for many of us we experience a range of challenges, including “losing ourselves”. Running one on one sessions, events, courses and a monthly Women’s Circle are just some of the ways I like to connect with other mamas; to guide and support them to reconnect with who they are and navigate what it is they want in a safe and nourishing environment.


Louise Easaw

Mumma to my cheeky and gorgeous baby bear Isabelle, double-degree qualified Naturopath
Founder of Little Alchemy and The Mumma Bear Naturopath

I’ve always enjoyed supporting women during their fertility and pregnancy journeys, and since becoming a Mum myself, I’ve found myself even more passionate and inspired to provide naturopathic support for Mums during pregnancy and the post-partum period. My own fertility, pregnancy and post-partum journey has been a joyful one, but I have experienced my own challenges with post-partum anxiety. I’ve overcome this with a combination of herbal and nutritional therapy, mindfulness and a focus on nourishing myself with wholesome food and lots of self-care practices, which I love sharing with my Mumma Bear clients.

I have a background in Psychology and a special interest in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of Mums. I like to delve deep with my clients to help find the root cause of their health conditions. My wholistic approach takes into consideration physical, mental and spiritual aspects of wellbeing. I find that when I combine food as medicine with Western herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation as well as mindset strategies, Mummas feel transformed. I completely understand what it’s like to be a mum and the many roles she needs to juggle, so I like to keep it simple, effective and easy to incorporate.

I’ve also developed my Mumma Bear range of labour and lactation products to support Mums during their pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. They are a labour of love (pardon the pun!) and I love hearing the positive stories of how these products have enhanced Mums lives.

Becoming a Mumma is one of the most empowering, beautiful, and at times also overwhelming roles a woman can take on, which is why i’m so passionate about supporting Women every step of the way.


Tory Giles

Mumma to Evelyn (and soon to be one more), Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, founder of Shift Natural Medicine.

I grew up a sport and exercise fanatic, taking part in everything from athletics and lifesaving, to dancing and triathlons. I was go, go, go (maybe a little too much) and often had growing pains and low energy, which lead me to be treated by a Chinese Medicine practitioner where I re-balanced my body and restored my energy.

After almost completing an Exercise Science degree, I felt drawn to change  direction and study a Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine). It was the perfect fit for my passion for health, the body & movement.

I wanted to bring my Western based knowledge of the body and integrate it with all the holistic principles of Eastern and natural medicine to deliver a unique, fresh, inspiring and collaborative service… so I founded Shift Natural Medicine (known as The Acupuncture Company when we first opened over 4 years ago).

I put my heart and soul in to making Shift an inviting, relaxing, nurturing, empowering experience to inspire people to live the healthiest life they can. With a great team of health practitioners, we treat a ton of Mummas from pre conception care and IVF support, to pregnancy care and labour induction to supporting them through the 4th trimester and beyond.

I absolutely love being a Mumma, running and growing a business, being a mumpreneur, a wife, a friend, exercising, being creative and having fun, and spending time on developing my personal goals. I love the ever-changing juggle that mumlife brings. Things chop and change all the time, but I have found balance in connecting with my flow and being organised but be flexible.

I am very passionate about women’s health, fertility, pregnancy, educating and getting ladies excited about their menstrual cycle, mindfulness, and letting all the Mumma’s out there know that they can be a Mum AND be/do whatever else it is they wish!