Gut Loving Banana Bread for the Whole Family.

Despite our pretty health obsessed culture, sometimes I find it hard to source out great toddler friendly recipes. Basically, it appears, all recipes for toddlers contain cheese or wheat flour and we don’t do much of either of those in our house.

I get most of my inspiration from free magazines at the supermarket, like the Coles or Woolies ones and then I just work my magic, swapping out the ingredients for healthier options. I stumbled across a great little free recipe booklet for toddlers here and found recipe for Banana Bread that included Cannellini Beans which inspired me to get my bake on.


Here are the ingredients I included in my version (and why)
Cannellini Beans – Fibre, fibre, fibre. You know the fancy term everyone is throwing around – “prebiotic”? Its basically french for fibre. You gut bugs lurve to metabolise this stuff to help them to thrive as well as adding bulk to the stool. When your gut bugs are happy, you are literally happy!
Banana Flour – I use the Natural Evolution banana flour in my baking and find it to be really tasty. I include this due to the resistant starch content. Resistant starch does not get absorbed in your digestive tract but instead moves through the gut, interacting with your microbiome. Research shows that it can improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels which is exactly what you want to do when you are eating cake!
Coconut Yoghurt – this one is simply because we are a dairy free household and whilst the macronutrient profile of coconut yoghurt is very different from cows yoghurt, it does the job in keeping the recipes integrity.
Spelt flour – Spelt is actually from the wheat family and does contain gluten, but it is anecdotally easier for a lot of people to digest than regular wheat flour. It is higher in fibre than wheat and contains less gluten (depending on which variety of wheat you use).
Cinnamon – I amp up the cinnamon because it is fantastic at helping to regulate blood sugars and is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Source your cinnamon from Sri Lanka if you can as this is the variety that has had most testing done on the health benefits.
I’m going to say the “S” word here. Sugar. I used a fraction of what they suggested and had zero complaints from my little human. In all honesty I would usually not use sugar, but xylitol instead, which is extracted from strawberries and birch trees and has almost no glycaemic impact along with the added benefit of being beneficial for gum health. I only used sugar as I didn’t realise we had no xylitol left. If you do use it, xylitol can be subbed for the same proportions as regular sugar.

Banana Bread
Makes 1 loaf pan

400g Cannellini Beans
3 Ripe Bananas
1/2c Coconut Yoghurt
2 Eggs
1tsp Vanilla Essence
2tsp Cinnamon
1c Wholemeal Spelt Flour
1/2c Banana Flour
1/4c Brown Sugar
1tsp Baking Powder
1/2tsp Bi Carb Soda

Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Place all wet ingredients and beans in a blender and blend together until smooth. Place all dry ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Mix wet ingredients into dry and pour into a lined loaf pan. Bake for around 60mins. The cake is quite dense so may need a little more cooking time depending on your oven.
Can be sliced and frozen for up to 3 months.

Hopefully your tribe like it as much as mine!


5 Mummy & Me Breakfasts for Toddlers

Feeding a little person can be time consuming! If you are not following a Baby Led Weaning approach then you can end up spending a LOT of time in the kitchen. A few months ago I found myself making different breakfasts and lunches for myself and Skye and then making different dinners for myself, Skye AND my husband. That’s 7 different meals a day! What the eff was I thinking?! So I put on my thinking cap and found a menu that worked for all of us and reduced my prep time enormously. Now breakfast is often something I have prepared ahead and in a small batch, as is lunch. Which equates to a grab ‘n go speed but with optimum nutrition for us all. Because Skye needs it – she is growing like a weed and me, well I’m just tired (#mumlife).

So here are 5 of our favourite breakfasts, complete with sneaky vegetables and loaded with fibre, slow release carbs, healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and yumminess.



Chia Pudding

Chia puddings are great because they can be adapted to suit you child’s chewing abilities. If you have a confident eater who could gnaw through wood then you can add chunks of fruit to your pudding mix, but if your little one is just mastering the chew, you can blend the fruit with your liquid of choice before adding it to the chia and make a nice, smooth mix.

Vanilla and Blueberry Chia Pudding
Serves 1 Mama & 1 Bubba

3tbsp Chia
1/2c Blueberries
2/3c Milk of your choice
1tbsp Almond butter
2tbsp Yoghurt of your choice (eg. Coconut, cows, goats, almond etc)
1/2tsp Cinnamon
Few drops of vanilla essence

Place milk, blueberries, cinnamon and vanilla in a blender and blend until smooth. Place into a bowl.
Add chia to milk mixture and gentle whisk until its starts to thicken. Allow to stand on the bench for 10 minutes. Give 1 more gentle whisk before covering and placing in the fridge to set overnight or for at least 1 hour.
When you are ready to serve, top with almond butter and yoghurt.


Eggs on Toast (with a twist)

Eggs are incredibly nutritionally dense and loaded with nutrients that nourish both your and your kiddies brains. I like to up the nutrient density of the old faithful “eggs and toast” by using some alternatives.

Power Eggs
Serves 1 Mama & 1 Bubba

2 Eggs
½ Medium avocado
2 slices seed bread (*see links below) OR 2 slices sweet potato (sliced ½ cm thick)
Salt and Pepper

Place 2 eggs in saucepan and cover with cold water. Place on the stove and bring to the boil. Boil anywhere between 4 minutes for a slightly gooey and soft yolk to 9 minutes for a super hard yolk.
Place seed bread in toaster. If trying the sweet potato “toast” then, depending on your toaster, cook for anywhere from 4 minute+.
Peel the eggs, season with a small amount of Himalayan salt pepper and serve with avocado and toast.
* for making your own seed bread I like this recipe and for buying it ready made i’m a big fan of Judy’s Organic Multiseed Loaf

You can, of course, just use whatever bread you like.


Overnight Oats

These oats can be made a couple of days ahead which means you can prep 2 or 3 breakfasts at once. The banana may darken a little as time goes on but don’t be worried by that.

I use banana instead of the refined sweeteners to this, but something like a raw, organic honey would be a fine substitute if your fam prefers. You can, of course, use any fruit you like depending whats in the fridge and in season.

Raspberry & Zucchini Overnight Oats
Serves 1 Mama & 1 Bubba

1/2c Rolled oats
1/2c Milk of your choice
½-1 Mashed banana (depending on how sweet you like it)
4cm Chunk of zucchini
1/4c Raspberries
1tbsp Chia seeds
Dessicated coconut for serving

Grate zucchini. Place all ingredients except coconut in a bowl and mix well with a spoon. Cover and place in the fridge to soften overnight. Before serving add some more milk if you like or just sprinkle with coconut and eat as is.



Smoothies have to be the ultimate mum friendly meal. I love them because you can vary the ingredients to get totally different flavours and nutritional profiles and they are so portable. I will often make one up before I head out of the house for a run and give Skyes serve to her to enjoy in the pram and then when I get home I have breakfast waiting for me in the fridge.

A word on protein powders – I don’t object to adults using protein powders and I don’t object to small amounts being given to children either. Mainly because I have the belief that it’s your child and you will make an intuitive, educated decision for the both of you, as you see fit. Effects of long term use of protein powders in adults or children has not been studied (well, not in any study worth anything) so it’s a bit of an unknown as to the positive or negative effects. My personal approach is that I notice I feel fuller for longer if I add a little protein powder to my smoothie, so I do. Instead of protein powder in skyes smoothie I add some more nuts, seeds and fat sources like coconut yoghurt to ensure a more balanced protein/fat/carb ratio BUT I don’t lose my mind if she demands some of mine and has a little protein powder in the process.

Creamy Plum Smoothie
Serves 1 Mama & 1 Bubba

2/3c Coconut milk (or alternative of your choice)
1c Water
1 Banana
1 Handful baby spinach
½ Medium cucumber
2 Small plums
¼ Avocado OR
2tbsp Macadamia butter (or alternative nut/seed spread of your choice)

Remove the seeds from plums and chop in to chunks. Place all ingredients in a blender and … blend. After I have poured out Skyes serve I then add my protein powder (currently using Peptipro Collagen), blend again and serve it up for me.



Another great savoury option is fritters. Sneaky vegetables for breakfast float my boat more than they should so fritters are a staple in our household. They have the added bonus of being able to be made ahead of time and refrigerated or frozen as well as the option to be eaten as a snack on other days. AND (did there even need to be anything else?!) kids love corn AND corn is so abundant right now. High five Mamas, high five.

Corn & Capsicum Fritters
Serves 1 Mama & 1 Bubba with leftovers for a snack

1c Corn kernels
1 Spring onion
½ small red capsicum
2 eggs
1/4c Wheat or Oat flour OR 3tbsp Green banana flour *see note
Salt and Pepper
OPTIONAL ADD IN – 1/4c good quality grated cheese

Finely dice spring onions and capsicum. Crack eggs into a mixing bowl and gently whisk with a fork. Add in flour and whisk until mixture is smooth. Add all other ingredients and combine well.
Place a pan on medium heat and add a little cooking oil of choice. Pour mixture into egg ring sized circles and gently flatten. Cook until golden, flip and cook on other side until cooked through.
Serve and season with a little Himalayan salt and pepper.
*We use this green banana flour which is gluten free, grain free and contains resistant starch which feeds good gut bacteria. I realise that it’s a bit of a weird one so feel free to use regular old flour if it suits your family.
Keep in mind that serving sizes are just a guide, as some Mamas and babies are hungry hungry hippos and other aren’t big breakfast fans.

So there you have it Healthy Mamas – our favourite breakfasts. I would love to hear what your family winners are!

Em x

Trading up from Suits to Leggings

Where to begin when you write your first blog? Especially when you NEVER write anything! Ok, sometimes I write things but mostly shopping lists, to-do lists or any kind of scribble on paper. Another thing is that I always write on paper, I even wrote my Uni essays on paper before typing them up, so this whole digital note pad stuff is foreign to me. I also have a terrible grasp on the English language, I stuff quotes up all the time and ask me what a proverb is and you’ll be met with a blank stare. So safe to say, this whole concept is a little nerve wrecking. 

So, yes, it’s taken me a while to actually sit down and write my own blog. I really had to think hard about what I had to offer a blog *long pause* and to answer this I thought about the two things occupying my mind right there and then. Get me talking about these two things and I have verbal diarrhoea. Yep, you guessed it, my two beautiful sons (my partner, their Dad, deserves some kudos here. Without him, our sons and I wouldn’t be surviving and thriving as we are. Thanks Bern x) and my very own new Pilates business. It’s really because of my two boys that I started my own business. They were my inspiration, even before they were born. 

A little more about me … when I finished Uni I landed an awesome Government grad role which eventually turned into a ‘real’ job and I was there for 7 years. I was so sure for so many years that I would make my up the corporate ladder, buy a house, raise some kids, collect sick leave and long service, have some holidays etc. etc. However, when I think back to that mindset now it just seems so foreign (I wouldn’t mind a couple of those sick days up my sleeve though). At this time, I was a client at a Pilates studio twice weekly and my teacher would often say that I’d make a great teacher. I would laugh and scoff to myself at the idea of this. I’d worked my butt of to get this corporate job, I wasn’t going to throw it all away to wear leggings and work a few hours here and there in the morning and night. I reflect on this now and it’s nice to know she had my back from the very beginning (thanks, Noels).   blog 1photo corporate

It was after an organisation-wide restructure that I started to (seriously) evaluate what I wanted from my professional working career. I always knew that I wanted to have kids, do more Pilates, and the teacher’s schedule suddenly looked more appealing to me. My teacher was able to drop her kids off at school, pick them up again at the end of the day, and take her weekends off (a rarity for most in the industry but she had worked hard to get to where she was so employed others to teach those times). As I said, this non-traditional working schedule was starting to look pretty good.

So, I took the leap and fast forward years and I have quit my corporate job, completed my Pilates teaching qualification and had two sons (Maddox 3 years and Levy 18 months). I now work part-time at the same studio where I did my first ever Pilates class and 6-months ago I started my own Pilates business, Kirsti Pilates To You. My business is built on my own experiences of finding it hard to get out of the house and do exercise when children are in the picture. So with Kirsti Pilates To You I take the hassle out. I bring all the equipment to your lounge room and we get our Pilates on! I come whenever it suits my clients – babies can be asleep or awake or I can come after hours (some of my clients are corporate work long hours), I don’t mind. I have found that whatever the circumstance, my clients love my service because they can’t talk themselves out of a workout when their teacher turns up at your door ready to whip them into shape. 

blog 1 photo pilates
To be honest, while the flexible working hours allow me to be with my boys during the day there are some cons. To make it work, my partner and I have to be on opposite schedules. He works in the day and I work mornings, nights and weekends (luckily he is a teacher so we all get to hang out during the holidays). The nights that I am home I’m usually working on some admin for the business or further Pilates development or trolling through Instagram (a perfectly good example of how to further my knowledge in the field, right? :)). Also, one thing that I sometimes miss about working in the corporate world is being part of a team. Some days are tougher than others but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way for me and my young family.

blog 1 photo kids
Joining HMC excited me in a lot of ways. Firstly, I am part of a team again! Secondly, I get to contribute to a project that I am passionate about. I understand that all Mum’s are time poor and trying to juggle looking after their children and themselves. If I ca help Mums with just one small part of that juggle puzzle, then that makes my heart happy.

Well I guess that’s enough about me for now. I look forward to sharing my tips and tricks and ‘talking’ with you through this blog. 


Top 3 Foods to Boost Mood and Memory

Many Mumma Bears notice a big change in mood and memory during pregnancy, after birth and whilst breastfeeding. In fact, recent research suggests that pregnancy alters a mother’s brain in both size and structure, and “baby brain” (where did I leave those keys?) is a real phenomenon. Couple that with sleep deprivation and it’s no wonder that Mumma’s feel their brain function is impacted. Here are some ways to use food-as-medicine to help boost your mood and memory during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Consume Choline for Concentration

Now I know the humble egg doesn’t seem like much of a mood booster, but these little gems are packed full of vitamins and minerals, which are so good for our health. Amongst other things, egg yolk is packed full of choline, a little powerhouse which nourishes the brain and nervous system.

Small amounts of this key nutrient are synthesised in the liver but we do need to get much of it from our diets. This wonder nutrient is also super important during pregnancy and lactation as it plays a key role in fetal development of the brain and nervous system. Interestingly, some research has also found that increasing maternal choline supplementation during the third trimester has significant cognitive benefits for babies in terms of their mental development. Most pregnancy supplements don’t contain enough choline so you really need to make sure you are getting some from your diet. The best food sources of choline are organic pastured eggs, liver, grass-fed dairy and if you are vegan, soaked nuts and legumes and cruciferous vegetables contain a small amount. Choline is a precursor to the brain chemical acetylcholine, which plays a role in memory and cognition. Increasing choline may help you avoid ‘Baby Brain” too, which is an added bonus.

Healthy food snack of eggs and avocado on toasted bread

Blueberries Boost Brain Function

Blueberries are not only beautiful and yummy but are backed full of beneficial constituents include the anthocyanins, which are flavanoids known to improve cognition. Regular consumption can slow memory impairments, lower dementia risk, reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’ Disease, prevent age-related memory loss and boost brain cells (especially in the hippocampus which is the brain region responsible for memory). Eating this wonder berry can have beneficial effects quite quickly – five hours after consuming them, there are improvements in concentration and memory (possibly by stimulating blood and oxygen flow to the brain). Some animal studies have found that consuming blueberries can reduce genetic and biochemical drivers behind depression too. Blueberries really are a beautiful example of food as medicine so incorporate them into your diet on a regular basis.


Raw Cacao Improves Cerebral Function

Flavanoids in cacao can improve brain function and memory by influencing signaling pathways, and by increasing blood and oxygen flow to the brain. Eating chocolate also stimulates the release of endorphins (which makes you feel good). It won’t completely counteract the negative effects of sleep deprivation and adjusting to the demands of a new baby but it will help. The research isn’t that strong, but scientists in Finland have found that eating chocolate during pregnancy also leads to happier and more lively babies who laughed more (and I’m taking that as evidence enough to consume cacao regularly – any excuse to eat chocolate). Now, your chocolate needs to be high cacao, low sugar and high quality – not the Cadburys from the supermarket which is definitely doing more harm than good. Be careful when breastfeeding though, as too much chocolate can be stimulating so enjoy it in moderation.


Regularly incorporating these beautiful examples of food as medicine can have significant beneficial effects on your mood and memory. If you feel that your mood and memory needs some assistance or you would love some emotional support, I’m a naturopath and a Mumma who gets it. Contact me here for questions or comments

Recipe – Healthy Special Fried Rice

I am a big believer in eating what you love, even if what you love isn’t traditionally a healthy dish. It often only takes small tweaks to improve the nutrient profile of some of your favourite meals.

Like this Healthy Special Fried Rice dish – I have nixed the added oil, included some sneaky veg, and used brown rice instead of white. The result is that it is a total hit with the family but also has significantly less fat, more fibre, less total carbohydrate, more protein but not at the cost of yum-ness (that’s a thing).

I encourage you to play with this and make it your own. You can add more vegetables, or if you don’t like rice you can use grated cauliflower in its place, or you could add a little spice if you have adventurous eaters. The sky is the limit.


Healthy Special Fried Rice
Makes approx 6 cups

2c cooked brown rice (the Sunrice pre cooked packets work well if you are pushed for time)
2 broccoli stalks, grated (usually around 2 cups)
1c frozen peas
2 large spring onions finely diced
2 eggs
4 slices of bacon finely diced
250g chicken breast mince
Tamari or soy sauce to taste

Place a large pan on medium heat. Use a little oil to coat it if not using a non stick pan. Whisk together eggs and pour in to pan to make a thin omelette. Once cooked remove from pan and place to one side.

Into pan place diced bacon and cook until oils begin to come out. Add mince and break up with spoon as it cooks.

Once chicken is cooked through, add grated broccoli stalks and cook, stirring occasionally until water starts to release and broccoli starts to soften. This will probably take around 5 minutes.

Add peas and spring onion to pan and cook, stirring until peas are heated through. Roll up egg omelette and finely dice. Throw in to rice and mix through. Add Tamari or soy sauce to taste.


This recipe will freeze well and is great as lunch leftovers for you the following day.

Happy cooking
Em xx

Using Reiki for Anxiety in Pregnancy

My daughter recently turned two. Like most mothers, this time conjures up incredibly beautiful memories about being pregnant and giving birth. But it also reminds me of the internal battles I fought against – the ones that not many people talk about. This is my story about living with anxiety during pregnancy.

I battled with anxiety for years. But the lead up to getting pregnant was an exceptionally anxious time. Even though I was well into ‘recovery’ by this time, I was convinced I could not have a baby. After a decade of bulimia and other disordered eating behaviours, I believed that I had just done too much damage to my body.


Six months before we decided to get pregnant, I obsessed over all areas of my health and wellbeing – hoping I could turn around any damage I had done in my younger years. I increased the amount of energy healing work on myself and meditation. I was stinking the house out with copious amounts of bone broth to try and repair my gut health. I started Pilates and serious strength training to fix my back issues. I saw a Naturopath, Fertility Specialist, Nutritionist, Acupuncturist, even a Psychic Medium all to ensure I was on track to fall pregnant.

I remember the first month we started ‘trying’. My husband and I were getting ready for work in the bathroom and I had just got my period. I was devastated. I truly believed then and there that we were never going to conceive. I felt like such a failure – as a woman and a wife. I would never be a mother. I had let down my husband. For the very first time in my life I actually felt like my gender had determined my place in the world and that I had failed. Now, to anyone who has never experienced anxiety, this sounds completely irrational. And you’re correct. Anxiety is irrational – it’s a bunch of stories you allow to get out of control.


The following month I didn’t get my period at all and I felt like my entire world was collapsing. I had convinced myself now that I was so stressed and my body was so messed up that my periods had stopped… I went to the doctor for a bunch of blood tests.

The results confirmed I was not a failure, but I was in fact pregnant. That night before bed I remember placing my hands on my belly, using Reiki to connect in with my baby. I knew it was okay. I knew that I was okay. And that night I dreamt of a little baby girl. I’ll never forget the face I saw in that dream because it’s the face I look at now every day.

I never stopped using my Reiki practice throughout my pregnancy. From the moment you decide to have a baby there is a heap of questions that need answers and choices you are forced to make. Reiki helped ground me and calm my anxiety, to tap into my intuition and enable me to make some key decisions. I kept seeing my Practitioner regularly and I also performed Reiki on myself. My baby was so strong. I could feel it not only in her kicks, but her energy was awesome. Connecting in with her always reminded me that we were okay.

Because of my anxiety, I knew I had to approach pregnancy like I would a project so I wouldn’t get side tracked by negative thoughts and behaviours. I did a lot of internal work on goal setting and visualising how I wanted my daughter to arrive ‘Earth-side’. As I researched more and more about how I could achieve this, I decided to have my baby at home – a planned homebirth.

I wasn’t receiving the support I needed from my hospital. I had so many questions and the 10 minute consultations just weren’t enough for me. I was anxious every time I would arrive at the Hospital for my appointments. I also didn’t like the idea of being restricted about what I could and couldn’t do at a time when I needed freedom to labour as me and my baby needed me to.

Another cause for anxiety during pregnancy was the change my body went through. At my hospital appointments I felt there was a lot of focus on how much weight I was putting on and how big the baby was. It felt like there was so much attention on the physical. No body was asking me how I was feeling emotionally. Being pregnant is like having your body exhibited for the entire nine months (and continues after the baby is born…).  For someone who has suffered body image issues, being pregnant could have been my worst nightmare.

A lot of the energy healing work I did throughout my pregnancy was not only about my fears about birth and for my baby, but also about the changes happening to my body. I had a great foundation to continue working on my body image and self esteem and once you have given birth, the journey of watching your body transform only continues. It’s so important for us to have a healthy mindset towards our body. Just as it was important for me to trust my body’s ability to conceive, I had to trust in my body’s ability to be the most perfect home for my child, and also to bring her into the world.

As we reached closer to the due date, I had another hurdle to jump. My baby was overdue. Being 40 weeks pregnant is uncomfortable and exhausting physically and emotionally. For me, it was also a spiritual battle. My anxiety was reaching new heights each day. At 41 weeks, my Reiki practitioner performed a much-needed distant healing for me and she taught me the most beautiful lesson. I have reminded myself throughout motherhood ever since. “Shift the focus away from you. This is your daughter’s journey. Trust that what is happening is the way it is meant to be.”

A couple of days later, during the Full Moon, I went into labour. I gave birth to the little girl in my dream. It was, for the most part, as I had visualised it. Empowering, calm, peaceful and joyous. Not once during labour was I anxious!

Motherhood of course, has its own set of challenges. Energy healing has helped me not only to manage my own anxiety, but I use it with my daughter. Each night as I put her to bed we have a routine that consists of Reiki healing and she is no stranger to my crystals!

If you are interested in learning this gentle, empowering and calming technique Reiki to help you through pregnancy and motherhood, please let me know and I can advise of the next course.

Loretta Reiki 2

Dealing with anxiety isn’t easy, but remember you have a choice. You are not your thoughts or your feelings. And you can choose to change them and to have full control over them. Practices that empower you to make your own choices that align with how you want your life to be will help to remind you just how powerful you really are.

In love and light,

Loretta x




Please note that this information does not replace medical advice. If you experience anxiety you should always advise your personal healthcare team.


“I just want to feel like myself again”

You hear it all the time from Mamas. Or maybe you even say it yourself. I know I did for a long time. I felt like my new life with a baby in no way resembled anything from my old life. My body was different, my sleep was different, my work was different, the needs of those around me were very, very different. I was grateful for my baby, but I felt a deep sense of despair for the life I left behind.
I struggled for a long time with how to feel like my old self, but the reality is that my life had changed forever. My old self wasn’t able to operate in this brand new world. But that didn’t mean I was going to give up on feeling like my mind, body and spirit were all nourished by the life I lived.

These were the pillars of my return to self.

Find your Tribe

When you first become a Mama, your whole life becomes about giving. Giving to this beautiful little human of yours. Our metaphorical cup gets pretty darn used up. In a sentiment similar to securing your mask before securing your childs on an aeroplane, you gotta fill that cup up if you are going to be of any use to anyone. Enter your “tribe”. The humans who you can complain with and relate to and drink more coffee than is healthy with and laugh so hard your whole heart fills up. Many studies of countries that have a high percentage of centenarians (people who live to be over 100 years old) cite a close knit community as one of the primary factors in health and longevity.
Apart from living a long time, spend time with your tribe because they light you up. You need more of that. Your family needs more of that. The world needs more of that.


Get in the Flow

“Flow, also known as the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energised focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, flow is characterised by complete absorption in what one does, and a resulting loss in one’s sense of space and time.”

“It doesn’t matter how you get in flow, it just matters that you get there.”

It could be running, sewing, cooking, meditation, drawing, games, writing, yoga etc. Just pick one or five and do it daily.


Mind Body Connection

Our beliefs, feelings, thoughts and attitude affect our physical body every moment of every day. If our head is chaos, our bodies often follow (and our babes follow too which equals a pretty unhappy household!). Understanding how our mind affects our physical health is the first step in moving towards holistic wellness.

“Only when we identify the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes that are causing us pain can we begin to assess if we choose to hold on to them.”

Or you know, let that shit go!

Let That Shit Go

Meaning and Purpose

We all want to know why we are here and what we are meant to do with our lives. It is an essential aspect of living a fulfilling and inspired life.
Our understanding of our life purpose can change many times over the years. I’m quite confident my life purpose when I was 22 was to look hot for festival season and to run a 10km PB. Insert eye roll here.
Some Mamas knew their souls purpose before their babies were born, others found it the moment their little one opened their eyes and some are still unsure. If you are in the latter category we have a blog post comin you way very soon. In the mean time, know that if you don’t have a clear, soul nourishing “why” then its probably going to be a struggle to haul your ass out of bed each morning.


Our very own Loretta of Nourished Energy once reminded me that my need to feel like “myself” again wasn’t selfish at all, Skye actually needed it even more than I did. Your babe needs you feeling confident, fulfilled, connected and nourished too.

Much Love
Em x